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Quilt Pricing

Deb's Country Quilts

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Every quilt top will have a different amount of time before it is completed. A picture of the quilt top, sent to me will help me estimate, how long it will take. You furnish the top, batting and backing materials. I furnish the thread. If you prefer that I buy the batting and backing, then pricing will have to be adjusted.
You can order a special order quilt through email and through etsy.
Quilt Tops that need to be quilted:
Twin (70"x90")- starting at $250 and up depending on how much hand-quilting will be done.
Double (80"x100")- starting at $300 and up
Queen (90"x110")-starting at $350 and up
King (100" x115")-starting at $395 and up
Smaller quilts-$8.50 per square foot (minimum cost-$100)
Quilt tops will also be for sale. As well as Hand-tied quilts and of course finished hand-quilted bedcovers.
E-mail for prices.
I accept Pal Pal or money orders only.
Quilts will be shipped after the money clears.
Buyer is responsible insurance.
I require at least 8 months to complete Applique Quilt Designs.
6 months for a Pieced Patchwork Quilt.

Timeless Country Quilts
2790 State Route 17
Toluca, IL 61369